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Well I am looking for some advice. I am finished putting together equipment for the screen printing side of our business. Things are going pretty well but I am having alot of request's for 1 and 2 shirt orders that obviously are not screen print friendly as far as cost. DTG is out of my budget at this time so I have been looking at heat transfers using Transmagic inks or Armur inks. I am also looking at getting into sublimation. I already have a spare new Epson 1400.

So questions are:

1- Which ink to go with?

2- Should I use the Epson 1400 for heat transfers and go with one of the cheaper Ricoh printers for sublimation or vice versa, Use the Epson 1400 for sublimation and buy another printer for heat transfers?

Any thoughts and ideas you could add would be appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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