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Which opeaque paper and transfer tape???

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hi all im lost please help me. ive been doing dark transfers for a while and now i started using my graphtec for countour cutting. im trying to figuare out which opeaque paper and transfer sheet ( to peel the weeded designs that are not attached together and press in on the shirt) i am not sure what it is called but i guess transfer sheet. i know there is a product for solvent printer material but i didnt see anything for inkjet heat transfer paper. If anyone of yyou know a combo that works please let me know i dont have enough funds to test all of them :) thank you in advance:confused::confused:
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I'm after the same answer as you , although tonight I used a scap piece of siser easy weed backing to transfer. I work just ok, because the adhesive is very aggressive I had to wait until completely cool and cross fingers pulling off . I came off fine , but want a less aggressive adhesive.
Also for those still curious about the contour cut features on my zencut black. They work absolutely fine. no problems with the machine now that I have all the right design tools.
great to hear that enjoy the machine :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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