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Hello guys,:rolleyes:

Lets get to the point.
1. Is there any member in here that have experince with both heat presses?
2. Any advice, pro & con about this two heat presses?
3. Based on the price tag. Is there any possibility that Cuyi could pass out the Flesso heat presses in term of quality?
4. Based on the price tag. Which one is worthier and realistic in your opinion guys?*refers to Flesso brand (middle to up class level) that still arguably in his existence.

5. My location: Indonesia. Is there anybody can give me source of information about where to get high quality heat press in here?
At least China high quality made heat presses. As we know, to many low grade heat presses arround us.

Thanks for the help guys. I really need the respons.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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