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I'm having a hard time deciding.
Both printers do high-quality screen printing, but:

Printer 1
They have lower costs for the apparel blanks + printing, meaning my profit margin will be about US$4 higher than Printer 2 for each t-shirt sold(this is significant especially when you scale the numbers up)

Problem #1: they have no Shopify integration, and everything is manual. I've to send orders to them once - twice per week.

Problem #2: The bigger problem here is they ship only 1 day per week. So if the customer orders on Thursday, we'll have to wait till next Wednesday before the item even gets shipped. This is, IMO, not acceptable.

Problem #3 : Because they don't really offer any good inventory tracking methods, when it comes to product exchanges and returns, it might get messy as I've no idea how much is physically left (as I'm not in the same place as them).

Printer 2

Their prices are on average US$4 higher than Printer 1, but their support is better, and they've a full fulfillment service that can integrate with my Shopify store and everything is automated. Inventory tracking etc are all done nicely.

My dilemma is, should I lose the US$4 per sale and go with Printer 2?
Or will trying to save $$$ end up haunting me down the road?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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