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From what I understand, the Okidata brand of printers is very popular with color laser transfers.

The OKI 5000 used to be recommended a lot but I'm not sure if if they've come out with a new model.

There are a few vendors selling "trim free" transfer paper for CLC printers as well. Seems like the technology is getting better in that area.

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Oki is a great choice.
I like the 5000 series for letter size
and the c8600 for 11x17.

The c8600 is in short supply but
I hope that some will be available in
about two weeks.

I like the image clip, laser flex and
the new trim free papers.

Check out some excellent training videos at:
YouTube - condesystems's Channel

Here is a photo of the results with the
New trim free paper run through the oki:

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Bought the OKI 6150 from Conde (great customer service!). For anyone considering this purchase, you may want to buy the one that prints larger transfers. The 6150 largest is 8.5 x 14. I wish I would have bought the larger one after realizing many items I would like to print are larger than that.
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