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Hello friends,

I´m searching for the name of a print technique on a 100% darkblue cotton shirt I have seen a few days ago. The guy offering this to me calls it "reugean" but I searching for this name I didn´t find absolutly nothing so I will describe and maybe you can help me:

He told me in this technique you screenprint a logo with a special substance on the shirt, so this substance kills or eats the original colour of the shirt. After this you put the logo with the wanted color and this colour get exactly in the place where the original t-shirt colur was before.

It was very fine, absolutely no touch felt on the logoprint. Important also that it was possible to do very small text prints on the shirt and everything was still posible to read, like small text on paper, very fine texture.

Any information for me please? Thanks a lot guys!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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