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Which is the better option? Clothing Line or Services?

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Hello There T-shirt experts!

Personally this week i've been doing a lot of research because I have a branding idea for a clothing line. I know this is a very competitive market and people are telling me to test the water before i jump in. I just have a questions for you all. Is it better to just order a bunch of shirts from a manufacturer, do the printing process and rebranding to ship out myself or use those t-shirt websites where you design and create the store and they do the rest along as you can get customers to buy them. I would like to know the pros and cons of both along with long term benefits. I really appreciate the insight!

Second question!

What is a good blend for shirts if i were to order from a manufacturer? i want high material cotton and feel good material along with it being durable and comfortable. ex pima cotton or any blends? 90% cotton 10% poly or the tri-blend. Thanks again!
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I like keeping everything in house. Get a few shirts to try out if it will sell or not, that way you are not out a bunch of cash. Make sure you use a printer that has experience with keeping a soft hand on the print. Ask for samples before committing. If you can find someone that is willing to have you supply the shirts, you can save a bit that way. I know most printers will not print on customer supplied shirts, but some do.

As for a shirt line, check out the ATC8000 from Sanmar. Combed cotton, really nice feel to the shirt. Or the Bella line is also really nice, the ATC is cheaper in price and I find the quality very close to the Bella.
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i appreciate the answer alrozac. Are these shirts also durable as well or do they lose their codition after a few washes and wears? thank you in advance
We sell tons of the ATC8000 and people love them. They are a bit more money but well worth it. Unlike the basic tees that feel like cardboard after a few washes, these stay soft and flexible. We get ours from Sanmar
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I use Sanmar currently and just searched for ATC8000 and nothing came up. Then I did a Google search and found it. They are only available in Canada. I wonder why not in the States?

That's a really heavy cotton. Nobody complains about how thick they are?
The ATC 8000 is actually the same thickness feel as the Bella. I find it easier to screen than a Gildan and after many washes it still feels much nicer. Like I said before, we sell tons of these and get top dollar for them. Never had a complaint about this shirt.

I have attached the spec sheet from Sanmar. Talk to your Sanmar rep, I know that certain items that are not available in Canada can still be ordered for us through Sanmar.


Im also stuck deciding between my own label and custom design services.
Why not both? is what i keep coming up with.
Food for thought hope it helps

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