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I know it's been asked thousands of times before, but I am in need of some other paper. I have Epson 7610 which I use refillable cartridges with dye sub ink, working just fine.

Last year for a large show I had to pre print shirts as there was no electric for me there. I used the Red Square paper 11x17 as I also needed larger for a car club order, which they are in need of again.

I Love the cold peel and the vibrant colors of the Red Square paper after cold peeling. I see it has a clear sheet looking that is left over with the artwork. The car club had issues with this, and when I washed a couple at different times, there was some fading.

Is there another paper brand that will not have this so obvious, or none at all and still print well? You with way more experience will be a great help!

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