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Hey all! I am wondering what your favorite brands are and why. I am still quite new at this vinyl hest press business.

I have bought several different types/brands and expect I'll get a feel for which brands seem to hold up better, which styles my customers seem to like, etc as I wash and use my test items on my family, but...

I'd love to know why you use the brands / styles you use today...

Fave mens t-shirt ---
Fave ladies t-shirt ---
Fave hoodie ---

Fave blanks / wholesale company ---

Best quality ---

Best pricing ---

Are there totes / drawstring packs that seem to take vinyl better than others? ---


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Gildan 2000/5000s are my normal shirts, because they have a good balance of comfort, washability, and color availability. I used to print on the Hanes Nano because I love the ringspun feel, but I got too many complaints about how they shrink strangely when they're washed.

If the customer's wanting a higher end product I print on American Apparel or District Threads.

If they're nickel and diming me on price, I print on Port and Company.
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