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Which domain extentions would/do you buy & where?

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There seems sooo many now: .biz, .info, .me, .mobi, etc...

I know about .com, .org and .net but are the others worth having if you already own the big 2 or three?

Also, any recommendation about where to buy them? Seems like some people buy them one place and then "transfer" them somewhere else?

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If you already own a .com or .net I don't think you have to worry for all the others newcomers.
I buy my domains where it is cheaper, and I use guess which one : cheap-domainregistration.com
Their customer service is excellent, and their prices, well, inexpensive (to avoid the word cheap ) :)
I know about .com, .org and .net but are the others worth having if you already own the big 2 or three?
No, they're not.

Personally, I always thought getting .org was overrated. I think that's even more true now - the proliferation of other TLDs has devalued .org except for its original purpose (organisations). That's a fantastic thing - it was the point of introducing the other options after all. It just hasn't done anything to help the crowding in .com (.biz, etc. are all still dodgy).

The only other domain I think can have some value is .info. It's useless to run a business off, but it's great for some kinds of sites (well, information sites - blogs for example).

If I was going to do three, I'd actually choose info over org.

But really, com is all that matters, and maybe net to stop anyone else having a semi-legitimate looking name. It's not like anyone will ever direct navigate there though.

Also, it goes without saying that country codes (co.uk, com.au, etc.) are a must if relevant - i.e. all Australian businesses should have .com.au and .com, etc.
The ones I would look for to add are the .com and .net.

.mobi is another that I would be interested in having. Mobile phones are becoming more and more common everyday. They are becoming a natural extension of a person. At some point, you may be able to use it as a marketing technique for your shirts. Imagine being able to forward a new design to a valued customer.

Marketing is what counts. Everyone has a cell phone. Even though you can't use it now, doesn't mean you wont be able to use it later.

I think that .mobi won't work, although it's anyone's guess. There are scripts I heard that can detect where the person is accessing the site from, so if someone uses a cell phone, it will automatically know and adjust the site accordingly.

Maybe .cn is something to look into as China will be a super power very soon.
.com if you are selling to the US or worldwide. You might add .ca if you are selling in Canada (ditto for any other country you might actually be selling in - as in, not just shipping there, but your clothes are in a retail store there).

The rest is crap. You don't need to worry about getting .net or any of the others.
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