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Which cutter&software 4: rhinestone temp,fabric applique, and possible banners?

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Hi I am new to this board and have learned alot of helpful information from here. I am looking to purchase a cutter that will allow me to cut rhinestone templates and also fabric for applique for embroidery machine. What option are available and which will be suitable for both task. Secondly does anyone of any software that I can take an image like clip art or from coloring book and convert to a outline and then to applique. Like lets say I wanted to make minnie mouse to an applique would I have to freehand, or can I find an image I like and convert to outline then applique. Which software is best suited for this. I currently have Embroidery Office Design Maxx v8 and am thinking about upgrading to v9 Design Maxx Pro or Expert but am not sure if its worth the extra 4000 for what i need. Any input would be greatly appreciated.Thank you in advance.
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The Rhinestone systems at this link:


will allow you to do all of this. They have enough cutting force to handle any of the materials commonly used to make rhinestone templates. They also have a special fabric blade that can cut intricate details. Have a look at what one of my customers is cutting on her machine with this blade:

Janie's Appliques

And the software is a fully functional vector based program with the ability to vectorize clipart, create images from scratch, or use any of dozens of designing tools to create whatever you can dream up! Post if you have additional questions about the functionality.
I have a roland gx-24. I want to purchase a new cutter that is stronger and much more advanced. what do u suggest? I do rhinestone, custom twill and fabric, vinyl for apparel and signs lettering for everything it will stick to. thank you for and need advice.
The Eagle and Falcon are high force machines that can cut twill. The Eagle has 1500g of cutting force and the Falcon has 1200g.

You might want to contact KNKUSA to discuss your various applications.
If you are going to do this as a business, I would recommend a cutter with a servo motor rather than a stepper motor...much more reliable and durable...and I find they also track better..There are several cutters in that category and many sold my our vendors. I think...not sure...that the Falcon and Eagle have stepper motors..I know that Sandy Jo on the forum has the Eagle...you might want to contact her. I did have a Roland and now have a GCC Jaguar IV - 600 g down force and GCC Puma III which has 400 g down force. Both have servo motors. I have been happy with both
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