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Hi All...

It's time to upgrade the pallets on the press that each seem to be from a different set which makes consistency a true challenge.

I'm looking maybe to go for aluminum this go with rubber tops... Maybe, depending on pricing.

I'm looking for help from such a great community of where's the best deal?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Erik -and- his father Lenny are the owners of Action Engineering they are located in Atlanta, GA ... They started out years ago as Action Screen Printing -then- they started making replacement parts for the old Precision Oval machines ... When I owned Progressive we had Action MFG our Falcon pallets ... Action still MFG's pallets for Anatol, Progressive, and soon Printex ... They really are GREAT folks -and- I am sure if you mention that you heard about them on T-shirt Forums they will probably give you a discount (especially since they don't have to pay a dealer 25%) ... Hope this helps ;-)
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