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Where to start?

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I am wanting to start a heat press business, I want to print my own transfers. I have two questions.

1. For a newbie, is it more cost effective to print my own transfers or have custom transfers made at this point so I can see if I will have a market.

2. If I make my own transfers what printer should I start with and why do you need a cutter? and If I have custom transfers made where is good place to purchase customs.

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If you are going to be printing on white fabric it would be cheaper to print them yourself. Get an Epson 1100 if you can find one and some JetPro soft stretch transfer paper. You will need a printer that has pigment ink. You can get bulk ink and refillable carts for the 1100 from cobraink.com. Most of the vendors on the left sell transfer paper.

You won't need a cutter/plotter unless you want to print on dark fabrics. Then you'll need special paper too. Or you can order plastisol prints. Transfer express sells them and proworld has them too. A lot of the vendors on the left do sell them.
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