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Where to Source High quality blank t-shirts?

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Hi guys,

So far the biggest problem I've been having with custom t-shirts (I'm small time) is a lot of the blank t-shirts I can bulk buy feel really rough and cheap.

I just want this kind of guys and girls t-shirts but blank and in bulk, but similar quality to a normal retailer like that.
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From the link you have shared, we just know how the t-shirt looks and fit on a real model. You can get a same cut t-shirt if you order from customized line. Meanwhile, it is a cotton t-shirt seeing from the description,when you said "rough", so focus on ring-spun combed cotton used for your t-shirt, and get an additional treatment to the fabric like enzyme wash to get a best softness. Hope you will get what you want.

Have you taken a look at Bella + Canvas or Next Level? Two companies that specialize in fashion fit and feel at good prices.
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