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Hi Jon,
The best system I have found is as follows.
Draw your normal centre line on your pallet. For mens t-shirts draw a line 10cm to the left of that centre line and for women's t-shirts, draw a line 9cm to the left of the centre line.
Centre your pocket print on that new line.
For the height of the print, as with front prints, even though it would be nice to say 4 fingers down to the top of the print, any good printer knows you simply can't be that slap happy. Good positioning is a critical part of getting the job right. As a rule of thumb the centre of the pocket print should be just above nipple height, any lower the print doesn't look right. To find a starting point, hold your size up to yourself anf mark this point. If you are not sure, it is better to be a litlle too high rather than a little too low. I hope this helps.
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