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where to go first to sell shirts

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project: The great relief is a shirt company me and two other creators made based of the lifestyles of all of us. considering the events we put ourselves leading to adrenaline rushes its always considered a great relief at the end of the day. we are in the begining moments in printing shirts right now. . we were also wondering where would be a good place to start selling.
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Ebay, Amazon, Etsy
If you cannot sell there, you cannot sell anywhere online.

Selling offline is easier, but you need to have sales skills.
The fact that you are here asking about it, means you don't.

So start with Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy.... and see how it goes.

Good luck :)
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I Agree with tabob, You should start selling at Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc. Also once you have earning you can have your own website or application which ever suits you. Also offline can be done by referring nearby contacts or visiting various stores.
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