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where to find wholesale Chenille Patches

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looking for a wholesale supplier of
Chenille Patches
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thanks, we created an account with them. they seem very good to deal with.
Hey binki,

Looks like you already found your answer, but I'm pretty sure these guys do them. We have used them multiple times for larger orders. Popular Patch | Custom Patches Hope it helps.
Chris, do you have any relationship with that website other than having ordered from them in the past?
Try embxf, seems they do custom patches,i've done screen printing and digitizing work with them before:)
Bergwears offer custom chenille patches along with wide range of felt patches, direct embroidery, sublimation, 3d digital printing and much more.
Chenille Appeal. I've used them for the last 5 years for stock and custom designs.
I have emailed many of the companies listed above and no one contacted me back. Does anyone have any US companies that do patches for letter jackets? That will contact me back?
What kind of chenille patches are you looking for and how many?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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