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Where to buy tshirts like RootsofFight - soft and faded?

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I am hoping someone knows where I can buy tshirts like the ones they sell at RootsofFight. Their shirts are fitted, slightly faded, and quite soft.

See here https://www.rootsoffight.ca/collections/tees

Any input would be appreciated.
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Hi S2rta, They are nice looking T Shirts. Some are just plain T's others are Stonewashed fabric this can be done by the fabric manufacturer as a roll or by the clothing manufacturer as a fully made T. (both ways bring differing results. You will find that any smaller manufacturer is capable of doing these shirts but will have minimum quantities eg: 1 or 2 rolls, or a certain number of lbs/Kg of made up T's to stonewash. If you are only after 1 - 5 T's I suggest contacting RootsofFight and asking if they can supply you with the one you want as an unprinted shirt. You will of course pay a premium but....
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Thanks Makinclothing.

I contacted RootsofFight but they weren't willing to disclose who their suppliers are (I completely understand).

I have ordered several t-shirts online (American Apparel, Bella, etc...) but I cannot seem to find a t-shirt with the same softness, colors, or thickness.

I like the Bella Canva but they don't have that 'athletic' fit or thickness that Roots of Fight have.

Any other ways I can find out?
Hmmm. I do make T's but I haven't seen a fabric like that from my supplier. I could check and see if they stock it if you like Or you could check with them yourself: flickers.com.au Good Luck!
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