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Where to buy tshirt graphics?

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Hi Folks,

I am starting my tshirt printing biz, and I have purchased equipments I need. However, I still need to buy images that can be printed on tshirts. In my area, that kind of funny and hot girls image is particularly good, such as "First Lube in America", "Hot girl on lure". I want to buy such images, but have no idea where I can buy. Please somebody can help me, thanks in advance!

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You need to search out t-shirt graphics on the web.. you can also repost over in the referals and recommendations and then the freelancers who lurk here on the site can answer you with what they can individually do for you.. There is really a lot of free stuff on the web if you just spend some time searching.. Most of the time to get it printed it will need to be vector art but there again, find what you are looking for image wise and then set out to get it redrawn and or printed
Take a look at www.tournamentgraphics.com. Abel has some cool graphic elements that are quite useful as you can use them to build your own piece.
Deviantart.com is a good resource for shirt art and inspiration. You just have to be wary of the term of use that user's post on their artwork and clipart. Some are free and some are not.
Maybe you should have done some research on what you were going to print before you spent money on equipment. What you need is a business plan.
openclipart.org Totally free for any use.

Are u sure about that?
Clipart - Troll Face - Problem? - OpenClipArt

I'm pretty sure that that is a copyrighted work. I was contacted by the owner himself and had to remove all the trollface- t-shirts on our shop.
You might be better of making your own designs by hiring a graphic artist.
I like to use this site for some freebies, or you can also by a membership to download premium vectors. Vecteezy
Try openclipart.org. Just type in "women" or "people." No quotes.
Copyrighted work is always an issue, and this is why big brands stick to their own fairly basic graphics and sell the "brand" name instead.

There are ways to avoid copyright problems... but this is a complicated subject.

As for finding designs... plenty of artists on Deviantart wil be willing to license their designs to you for a small fee, or even make you a custom design for $30-$60.

Remember that $30 for a 16-17 year old student in India or the Philippines is a lot of money, and many of them are very skillful.
Try these
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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