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where to buy supplies and equipment

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Hi, I've been researching how to print t-shirts, and I'd like to start experimenting with preparing screens. So I'll need to buy some screens, emulsion, and a scoop coater. I googled and found some supply companies that want to sell me entire kits that cost hundreds of dollars, but for the bare minimum just to prep screens, what would I need and where would I get them? I will probably also need the chemicals necessary to reclaim a screen, since I'll be making a lot of mistakes until I learn how to coat screens.

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It is not that hard. Just know that if you use the bath tub it will stain.

I like Ryonet-knowledgable folks and free shipping over $100.

They sell a start up kit that seems to be reasonable enough for you to figure out what you really need.

There are a lot of companies like them though-I just like free shipping. Sometimes I think UPS is the only ones making any money:)
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