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where to buy stock heat transfers?

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I am starting up a College based website. I have a lot of experience with marketing and not much in retail. I am basically looking to set up an online site that has products and shirts exactly like you would find in one of the t-shirt shops in a place like key west. Shot glasses, beer mugs, posters offensive/funny/drinking t shirts. I know that most of these shops just use basic cheap t****s presses and transfers and that is exactly what i am looking for. If there is anyone that could give me advice on which wholesalers to contact or where to start with this it would be a big help. Furthermore, if there is anyone in the new england area that has a shop that would take me in and show me the ins and outs of how to do everything or come help me set up my shop i would be more than willing to pay you for your time.
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You can find a lot of stock heat transfer designs at places like ProWorldInc.com, ArtBrands.com, DowlingGraphics.com, etc.

You can find deals on heat presses in our Preferred Vendor section here
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