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Where to buy Photopolymer Emulsion in UK

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Hello all. I have already purchased photo emulsion and diazo sensitizer but really don't like the idea of mixing the sensitizer etc. What really put me off is the poor shelf life once it is mixed. I am not a professional rather a hobbyist and this would be my first time.

However, the more I read, I do like the idea of photopolymer emulsion. I want to print mostly waterbased ink and Saati Textil PV keeps popping up especially on ease of use. However I can't seem to find a seller in the UK.

In fact I can't find any photopolymer emulsion sellers in the UK. Where are you lot buying your photopolymer emulsions? Also what is the difference between Saati Textil PV and Textil PHU?

I am happy to try any equivalent available in the UK. Thanks

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Try DaveRoper, the link is in the bottom. I got there Sol QV Emulsion with sensitizer, you have to mix but I've mixed it a month ago and have had no problems. They are a Uk company and they deal with little fish like myself.

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