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I'm looking for a source for Jaguar IV pinch rollers, preferably in Canada but will settle for anywhere. Who carries these parts?

Alternatively, repair suggestions would be appreciated.

tl:dr - The sheet sensors are broken, not sure if that's all that's wrong with them.

It all started with an ongoing issue of the cutting tool going to hard to the right side of the cutter during media sizing. The LCM would then either reboot itself, or would sit there with the sizing prompt but not respond to button inputs.

Some reading suggested checking for loose ribbon connections. I started by removing the top cover, didn't see anything wrong there. When I reinstalled the top cover I pushed a little far down on the left back looking to line up the screw hole, but didn't use any force and didn't hear any "cracks". When I moved the print tool manually there were some obvious interference noises so I backed up, realized my mistake and positioned the top cover properly.

After that I started getting a "roller up" error and sure enough the left and centre rollers weren't pinching. Pulled the rollers off and found one with what I believe was an already broken sensor sheet. Poking around in another roller I discovered how fragile the sensor sheets are :-( arg.

So I either need to figure out how to repair the sensor sheets, bypass their function or buy replacement rollers.

Argh. I didn't really want to buy a new cutter this week.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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