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Where to begin....in the UK

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Here is where I am at;

I have been making t-shirts for friends and family for 2 years but only recently have I decided to get serious about starting a t-shirt company. Does anyone know of a step by step guide to use in the UK to help me set up. I have ideas, a website is on the way, and I already own the equipment to produce it all. Do I need to register, patent, tell the government etc...

Any advice and guidance would be greatly received.

Long live YellowDog
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Are you becoming a limited company or a sole-trader. I wouldn't bother patenting or registering trademarks unless you like lawyers. Ignore the government, they are a bit busy at the mo. HMRC will want a tax return and you really need to decide whether your turnover will exceed £70,000 in which case you need to charge VAT.
You can become a registered company for ~£50 but you need to produce accounts for Companies House.
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