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Where do you sell your designs?

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Hi guys,

2 weeks ago I opened my shop in on spreadshirt. They have really nice clothing the only they have a few problems:

I cant choose the colors for the t-shirts for my designs. White lettering on a white shirt is not gonna work out... Everyone knows that. But I can't choose which color is enabled on the t-shirts.

The placement is horrible. I place my design on a basic t-shirt and its very good. But they add t-shirts to your store that you can't decide ad place the design for you.. So my design on the basic looks great but on the slim fit is terrible :(

And these things don't make my shop looks professional. So i decided to look for another shop where I can place my orders or shop-in by them.

Do you guys had the same experience and where do you print your designs?

(sorry for the english grammer, working on it)


the Festival Doctor
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