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Hello to all, hope you doing fine today!

Simple question: where is the most appropriate section to send order requests?

DTGMerch is not a POD, however, from now and then I get some order requests.

Normally, I reply that we are not a print shop and give a link to T-Shirt Forums. Is there a specific section for order enquiries I can forward the appropriate link to these possible customers?

Please let me know.

All the best, take care and be good!


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The Referrals and Recommendations section would be the only sub-forum where members are allowed to reply to order requests. It is more work on your part versus the person needing the service having their own forum account.

But you could provide the name, service need, and contact info (email &/or phone).

It would be hit or miss. Not sure how many DTG companies may browse that section and see your post.

With your extensive DTG experience, I wonder if a DTG printer directory would be of use? We could host and sticky it here on the forum.

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