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Hi everyone,
I figured this would be the best place to at least tap into some resources. Everything I have read so far on here has been of great help!
I am in the beginning stages of getting my poker t-shirt company off the ground. Hopefully, turning it into a full clothing line. My problem is I am having trouble finding an artist...of quality. I'm sure someone on here knows where to find or is an awesome artist. As of now I have about 15 t-shirt concepts that need art, with many more to come. I am looking for someone willing to bounce ideas off of, that will send me concepts before going to town on design, and that can turn my ideas for specific shirts into art. I don't mean to come off pushy or won't let the artist have control. I want the artist to feel free to come up with designs as well, I'm just saying if I have a certian idea in mind for a specific shirt already that we look at all options for design. This site is a awesome tool and I look forward to hearing from people on here.

ps: This company is based out of Northern California (Sacramento)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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