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Where do I draw the line?

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I would like some opinions about the scope of a screen printing operation. We are a small new print shop. We have a 4x1 press and basic equipment. My question is, is it alright to keep it simple to start out? i.e. will I be shooting myself in the foot by turning away customers that want difficult/advanced work? We have been up and running for about a month and out of 12-15 jobs everyone was multi color w/ tight reg, white on black/dark, non-cotton blanks, or large size prints that my film printer couldn't output. I have had to pass on some jobs due to the profit vs. cost of buying new equipment, and had to stress over getting jobs done that would be simple with the right equipment. If I keep going like this I'm afraid I will burn out or disappoint customers. Would it be bad form to just take the easy stuff? Or would i be better off finding an established shop to sub?

Thanks for any advice/opinions,
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Find a contract printer and just sub out the orders that you can't handle. It's pretty common. It's good to have a network of shops that can help you out.

Be sure to have a good handle on what you need, and then communicate that to the shop when you are discussing the job.

Good luck,

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