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Hello friends,

the wholesalers tell me I can order samples from them. But I don't want to order 100 samples, it's too expensive for me.

Where can I try the different blank-Models on, to find out which one I like?

Thank you for you help a lot


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Do you mean that you want to try shirts on before you use them on your shirts?
If that is the case then any shirt will do. I personally use gildan and american apparel. I just chose them because most of the shirts i own are 50/50 gildan and they lasted the longest in my opinion.
So you can pretty much just go to any store that has shirts and see how they fit. Plus any decent print shop can assist you on choosing the ideal brand and style of shirt best suited for your needs.
Hope this helps

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Hello Scotti,

thanks for your help. I want a T-Shirt with a nice cut and a good quality. I tried a frew shirts in the print-shops but they don't look cool to me.
Which Model of Gildan an American Apparel do you use for your production?

Thanks for your kind help. Maybe i look to much on the fashion aspect of the t-shirt. Does only the print matter?

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