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Where can I get customised blank tees?

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Hi there,

I wondering if anybody can help me? Am trying to locate a t-shirt fabricator that will make custom sized blank t-shirts?

A t-shirt fabricator that I can tell them exactly what material, sizing/fitting, shape etc... So I can design my preferred cut, before I send them off to get printed with artwork.

Many apologies if I have posted in the wrong forum.

Cheers in advance,

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Hi Matt, may I ask how many t-shirts do you like to get custom made? Have you tried to source any garment manufacturer, where it would be right place for you.

I would find a shirt similar to what you are looking for in fabrication and cut and then go to that manufacturer. The closer you are to their current line garments, the easier it will be for them to manufacture a custom garment. Just a suggestion.

Mindy Anastos
L.A. T Sportswear
Hi Matt,

have been able to locate any yet ?
Where from you located ? Try them from USA, and try Google for finding a better source.
Hello I'm from Africa... the link you sent are they fabricators ? or blank t's marketers ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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