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Where can i get blank t-shirts at good price

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Hi i am trying to start a t-shirt business. Got a heat press and some screen printed transfers. Need to find some good quality shirts in all sizes and colors at a good price.
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Delta is super cheap and good quality. If you need variety, just go to Sanmar, Alpha, Bodek and Rhodes or S&S Activewear. These are the main players.
I agree. Delta has some good deals, the only thing is that you need to purchase almost a gross if you want shirts down around $1.60 something which we spent to get a whole load of shirts. if your looking to do only a hand full like 2-3 then I would suggest going to craft store and use them. if your going to do more then that I would suggest getting yourself a tax id and set up an account with them since they will need it or they will charge you sales tax.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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