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where can i find a cool software and system to print on t-shirts in a shop?

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Hi guys,

i wonder where i can find a software that create funny layouts and i can add a person face or body in it and then print on a t-shirt in my shop.

any ideas anyone?

Warm regards Kimberley
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You can get both GIMP & Inkscape free downloads from the internet.
With 146 views and only one response should tell you something! I do not know of any off the shelf software to do what you want. Besides the Gimp and Inkscape free programs there several commercial programs such as CorelDraw, Photoshop , illustrator, Zara and the low end Serif suite from England. But all have a learning curve. There are no short cuts to professional results. Once you have software you need a printer with pigment ink, transfer paper and heat press or if you have hefty bank account 20-30 K will set you up with a direct to garment print system.
They all have a learning curve..2 have FREE learning curves.
Mike......not to beat a dead horse, but I believe I said ALL have learning curve.
Hi guys,

sorry for my bad explanation when i asked for software i did not mean any of the above you guys mention.

i have seen in shopping centres sometimes people that make funny prints on New York times front page and put your head in it so it looks like you are on the front-page and they print it out and frame it and so on.. i have also seen things they have done on t shirts.

But i don't know or remember any names of these places or stuff they were using :( that is the reason i asked in this forum.

i appreciate any help
warm regards K
What you're describing can be done with any software. You just have to know how to manipulate it.

Mike, I got your point about FREE learning curves!
Like Dee says, any of those free software programs and paid software programs do that. The stores you see selling those are using templates they created with any graphics software. Once you choose a program to work with create your own templates or pay someone to create templates.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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