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Hello to All,

I'm new to this forum, i join here to know something about t-shirt printing. I am from the southern part of the philippines, particularly butuan city. Maybe anyone could help me and advise where can i buy the needed things to start, or is there anyone here who can send me starting kit budget? Feel free to email me for your proposal ;). Any comments is well appreciated, hope to hear something soon.


Michael :)

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Welcome to the forums.

As a startup myself, I was very eager to get started and instead of doing a whole lot of research, I just jumped right in and bought a kit off of Ebay. Mistake! Mistake! Mistake!

The equipment that I received was less than poor quality. Registration is a nightmare, etc.. you can find out the problems I had by looking at my other posts.

So after my fiasco, I actually did the research and realized that Ryonet.com is the place to go. Remember, you get what you pay for. You buy it cheap it is going to be made cheap which will cost you a ton of money in the long run.

Couple things that I have found really useful - in order of importance:

1. Richard Greaves is probably the most intelligent human on the planet, if he is in fact, human. You can find him on these forums;

2. Use Aluminum screens - they don't warp;

3. Buy a step-test strip - worth the $20.00;

4. A pressure washer is a must have (1500psi range) to help clean your screens;

5. For printing positives, the Epson 1400 has been my saving grace - if you need advice on the settings, let me know. Epson.com has them for $149.99 refurbed and for printing straight black without halftones, you do not need Accurip software;

6. Did I mention Ryonet.com for your equipment?;

7. Failure is an option and you will fail a lot, keep the faith in yourself and it will work out;

8. Have fun cause even when I fail at something, I still have fun failing;

Hope that helps. I am still learning and believe me, you will learn something every time you walk into your shop.

Best of luck,


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Knowing how the process works is vital. But, developing a customer base is critical. Do your own advertising, create your own flyers to hand out, and meet as many people as possible. Never stop advertising, and always ask for referals.
Rick is right about Ryonet. They are helping me bunches, right now.
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