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where are cheaper vector images?

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I am new to this game and am looking at screenprinting t shirts as a bit of a hobby/ small income business.

If i purchase images from I stock photo they are reasonably priced, but if i want to sell any of my t shirts then i have to purchase images using the extended licence which can make the cost nearly £30-00 (approx $45 i think) per image. i appreciate that the original artist needs to make money as well etc and i do not have a problem with that. I also appreciate that you can then use that image for up to 2000 t shirts and if you sold that many then £30-00 is a small price to pay, but if only doing small run then it is quite expensive.

Are there any better places to get appropriate images from that can be sold on t shirts for a more reasonable cost.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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