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When should you listen to your customers?

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How do you filter out good ideas and decide
which ones to actually use?

For example, we started our online company, and asked for user feedback, and website advice. Many people gave us great ideas, but we could only do one thing at a time.

Besides the stupid ideas, how do you know which ideas not to use vs. the ones to use? Should you listen to all ideas?

Is the customer always right?

We are having a tough time with this.
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umm no. Dont listen to all ideas.. only listen to the ones based on functionality, because design opinions are going to vary from everyone - UNLESS the same suggestion comes up from a many people.. FOr instance if you have orange text on black background and every says change it.. change it.

Functionality is what you should consider when customers give you feeback, so if they say your site loaded slow, consider optimizing it, or if they say it takes too long to fill out an account and they would rather not, make accounts optional.. ect.
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I would write down ones you think and a co worker that think are good
Than see if it is efficient and cost effective
After narrowing it down to lets say 3 good idea that sorta fall in same principle
Make a thing on sit where people can vote , seeing what average Joe would prefer most and not the plumber Joe because he gotta do some hot water work for me Weds.

You can always put good ideas in hat and pick one at a time .....

Comes down to what is practable in your interest and also you client "Process in being a good business person" which takes time but hang in there because you will get hang of it
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Hey Kamil, here's a good website for collecting and evaluating customer feedback. It allows your customers to vote on what changes are important to them and suggest their own.

You can then consolidate the suggestions and evaluate them based on popularity and the community comments: UserVoice » Customer Feedback 2.0

which ones to actually use?
As much as it is important to listen to customer feedback, it is also important to balance that feedback with the overall goals and ideals for your company.

For example, if your goal is to be seen as a premium, higher end clothing line, and your pricing is set at $50 per t-shirt, but you get someone that says you should sell at $11, making that change wouldn't really fit with your overall goals.

At the same time, if you're selling at $50, and you get 100 emails saying that $50 plus $5+ shipping is too much to pay for a t-shirt and you notice your sales are also stagnant, then you may want to consider lowering your price point to a "still premium", but more reasonable figure (maybe $35 with free shipping).

Hope that makes sense.

Here's some good articles on it worth reading:

Seth's Blog: The Customer is Always Right

Seth's Blog: You're right!
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