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What's the word?-

I've been absorbing the information on these forums for about a month or so and am captivated by the amount of helpful, encouraging information in all categories of this business.

I've followed the making of Promethesus' Tree shirt and the experience was dope in terms of education and involvement within the community.

About me, my business partner and I are beginning a new venture with an apparel line aimed at cool kids. Cool kids are those who choose to express themselves, be themselves and are themselves. We don't judge you. The birthplace is San Diego...good times.

It's been a great learning experience thus far and we're confident we can bring something fresh and cool to market. Lot's more to learn, lot's more to do, that's why I'm apart of this joint here at T-Shirt forums.

So muchas gracias, and I'll be cruising around and participating when I can bring something to the table.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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