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Whats up from EpitomeClothing a review blog.

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Hey, whats up everyone.

I run a blog called Epitome Clothing. I review primarily t-shirts but I also review clothing in general, shoes, accessories and the occasional cool misc. products.

Aside from the blog, I have experience illustrating/designing t-shirts (and anything else for that matter), screen printing process, marketing/social media, networking... and all the things related to starting/running a t-shirt line/company.

I hope I can provide some help to questions on the forum and hope to help gain exposure for my blog as well.

Do me a favor and check out the blog if you have a second. I'm welcome to constructive criticism and hit me up if you would like a review. All info is on my blog, please do not request a review here as I will just direct you to the blog.

Thanks again and hit me up if I can help or answer any questions you might have.


It says I'm allowed to post my links here, and then tells me "No Self Promotion". I'm taking that as I can self promote in this thread only. My links below, thanks in advance. ;)


If you like my blog, please vote for me at T-SHIRTBLO.GS Look for Epitome Clothing and use the stars to the right of my name to select a rating.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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