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What's the font? Or is it a font?

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I think it is... (one of those "fun" fonts that doesn't look like a font...) Does anyone recognize it? Thanks!


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Go to 1001 fonts under grunge. Look for "heroin". It's on the 1st page. It's not exactly the same but very close.
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there's a lot of fonts like that. try using "ransom note" as a keyword. i've seen a bunch of fonts like that browsing everything at fontspace.

and others here:
Free ransom note fonts - FontSpace

but i swear i saw a bunch more. maybe tagged as "punk" or at other sites. regardless, ransom note is your best keyword to find other fonts

using punk as a keyword, i also found:


karendiamonddesigns "ransom"

"ransom note" @ fontriver

there's a bunch more in google's image results
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Thanks, it has such a ratty look to it that I just used a few fonts I already had and thrashed them up to match the original...
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