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What's the deal with taking out tags and replacing them ?

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I have ordered some iron-on labels for my t-shirts from Hong Kong. Do you think it's weird if I remove the existing label and iron on my label over the top of it to cover where I have cut out the label?
Is there another way to do it?

Thank you for your help
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hi gavinandarchie,

so you removed the existing (let's say) the woven tag label by cutting it off the t-shirt and you couldn't do a perfect job so there is white remnants of the old label?

so now you want to iron the label to cover this?

if that is the case i think it would look wierd. first you would have to press over the seam of the collar which might not press so smooth. second it would look like you are trying to cover something up and it might look fishy.

sorry if i got your message all wrong but this is what i think.

good luck,
Agree with Andy.

What type of labels are there currently? With some of them you can cut off the label and pull out all of the remaining threads neatly. If that's impossible, you may need to get a seamstress to remove the labels professionaly.
We simply cut adn re sew however I have done heat fixed ones. As long as you spend some time removing them you can get a good result. Just make sure your replacing all the washing info, where it is made and what it is made of. Dan
Thanks - yes you're completely right and I thought it would like weird. I just needed someone else to confirm it!
Thanks everyone for your input.

I think I might even just leave in the existing label and iron on my label to the outside back-middle of the t-shirt. I have seen it done and it looks quite interesting. Hmmm, maybe this is weird too...
I think I'm just trying to get out of removing the existing tags !

Thanks again
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