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What's the best way to print this design?

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I have to do black tshirts with red and white on the front. Name and # on the back. I'll do screenprinting on the front and vinyl for the names and #'s. But, the customer wants this graphic on the back of all the tshirts. I was wondering, can this be printed on a tshirt vinyl and then heat pressed on? And, if so, who can I get to do these? If not, how else can I do this? Gradients, halftones?????????? I only have a 4 color press, so I'm limited.


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Hi Donna,

I know the versacamm prints on a heat press vinyl. Maybe if you post a thread in the referrals section of the forum, you can get info from someone who owns one. I know there are several people here who own them, so you should be able to get some replies. When you post it just make sure to put the info you have here as well as your location, such as city and state, so that someone close by can respond. I am sure anywhere would probably work well, but closer is less shipping :) Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info. Definitely helps a lot!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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