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We are currently running the sgreen Washout Booth Filtration System found here: https://www.screenprinting.com/products/sgreen-washout-booth-filtration-system. It works great but we reclaim and degrease enough screens to where we have to clean the filters out every 2 days. This is getting quite inconvenient for our work flow and it stops our entire operation occasionally. When the filters get full (which doesn't take too many screens to do), the filters overflow and water starts building up and pours on the side instead of going through the filters.

The filters overflowing itself is not a problem. The problem is cleaning the filters (which are basically small screens with different mesh counts) are too tedious. We have been making this work but we have the money to upgrade to a better filtration system that requires less work or at least does not clog so quickly. Even once a week is ok for us but we have been getting our filters clogged every 2 days or less.

I did a couple Google searches but I can't seem to find any better Washout Booth Filtration Systems. All I see are similar Filtration Systems from other manufacturers. Maybe I am not Googling correctly.

This is the washout booth that we use: https://www.screenprinting.com/products/wash-pit-washout-booth with a custom built PVC pipe to control the flow of the drain.

What do you guys use for your shop? This is for a medium production screen printing shop. Does anyone know any filtration systems that would be an upgrade from the one we currently use? We don't need the best in the market, we just need one that requires less work or at least easier to clean filters.

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