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Whats the best 12" Desktop cutter to use for Vendor Shows?

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I have been in business for over 15 years doing vinyl graphics and t-shirts. I have started doing local vendor shows and I would like to offer on the spot vinyl decals. However my plotter is a 48" graphtec and too big to take to shows. I don't want to invest in a 24" just for shows. Is there a small 12" desktop that is good for using my own eps designs that would be fairly reliable without breaking the bank. I have looked at the A Silhouette Cameo, the Brother CM350 and a 8" Roland Stika. Any advise would be helpful.

Thank you

PS - a lot of my smaller designs are a bit intricate.
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In order to import eps files for use with the Cameo you have to upgrade to the Business Edition of the software or get Sure Cuts A Lot (basic) software.

I have no experience with it, but you might check out the GCC i-Craft™ 2.0.

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