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Ok, so obviously if I'm going to try to get customers I need to at least pass out business cards.

Before anyone yells at me, YES, I'm going to get my business license etc.

I don't have a "business name" yet, but do I really need one? Can I just put "Screen Printing" at the top?

This is what I have so far-

"Screen Printing"
My name
Phone #
"Spot color / solid color printing"

I can't include my address cuz the bank is taking our house in a couple months- aka- we're moving.

Do u think I should include anything else? ...I don't have a website...

And the card MIGHT be the one in the pic. Purple and green seemed kinda cool looking. I'm not 100% sure on it tho.

Thanks guys.

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I've been watching and reading a lot of current discourse about how and why people make choices (like choosing to buy from me). One of the themes that reoccurs is that people choose based on intuition. In fact the part of the brain that gives us those gut feelings doesn't even understand language.

This is why companies brand themselves.

Just a thought, but generic is usually not recommended for just this reason. If you know who you are serving specifically, find a look that speaks to them at a gut level. :)
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