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whats it worth?

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Hi I have a friend selling his tshirt business and was wanting some feedback on what yall think its worth. The link goes to pictures of what he has. Its a turn key deal. I get everything including all clients. He makes around 30k a year.

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It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay or a percentage of the value of the stock and equipment. The 30k he makes is from his labour which he will no longer be putting in, so basically it's not worth much.
How many clients? What is their order history? If he's making 30k a year, is that pure profit after all expenses are paid? Do you know how to run this business? Have you done screen printing and vinyl heat press before? How many hours a day is he working?

There are so many more variables and questions to have answered before you can say whether what he is selling is worth his asking price.
90% of the clients are returning clients he has had for years. He has a full time job and does the shirts on the side working 3 or 4 days a week. The 30k is gross. I can run it no problem and have done it before. I'm just trying to get a guess
see if you can lease with option to buy

his clients might be there because of him and will leave/shop-around once you takeover

the equipment that i recognize did not look top-shelf and could be picked up cheap new or used

an existing customer base is a very difficult variable to put a price on,
and usually it is simply a goodwill offering as an addendum to the purchase of equipment
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