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Hi, my name is Jim. Starting Jan. 1,2017 my wife and I have started a new Graphics business. We have gone as cheap as possible until we find our niche.

Currently we have a dye sublimation setup with a letter sized sg400 virtuoso printer and have a multifunction heat press that will do shirts, cups, plates, hats etc.

We also have went real cheap in buying a cricut to start with doing vinyl cutting. We also have a subscription to Adobe photoshop which we are becoming familiar with.

I realize that this is a cheap way to start but, we don't want to sink any real money into equiptment until we (a) see what is hot in today's market. And (b) find out what sells in our area.

We live in north Florida.

I have been looking at the Roland cutter printer combo. I understand that it can print either sublimation ink or regular ink. Not sure if this is the way to go.

I have also looked at a larger sublimation printer. I believe the larger virtuoso would eat us out of house and home on the ink cost. I have been looking at the bulk ink option.

I am curious what is the largest size of printer I would need to effectively print on t shirts?

Should I consentrate on the sublimation market or the vinyl cutting market?

You suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated!
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