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What's changed in the last 8 years?

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Hi, all-

We're entering the DTG world again after a hiatus of 8 years and the more I read the more I realize things have changed.

So far I've read about Pre-Treatment machines and Image Armor PT & Inks.

I have to think I'm just scratching the surface.

I would very much appreciate your input on things that have changed in the last 8 years and some sort of a timeline would be really appreciated!

TIA for any info you can provide!


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Good question.
Changes are (actually 12+ years of history)
Chemicals got better,
Machines are faster,
Prices are down by competitors,
Market is growing, majority orders are custom print. no more stocks,
Software Bar code reader is real popular.
However, we still print on T shirts.
Cheers! beers are on me always!!
Great post! I entered the business in 2014 and started with dtg. I purchased a chinese epson r1800 print head based dtg and was a nightmare with the white inks and just gave up and stuck with screen printing. I was told the bigger brands these days are the ones to go for, Im in the same position and will be re entering dtg so I hope things have changed, going by the other vendors that use dtg, things must of changed
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