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What's better than all the usual brands?

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OK, all my samples are in. I posted before on Uneeq, Gildan, Ranks, Continental, and now I've seen Anvil, Hanes and Bella.

And American Apparel.

None of the others are a patch on the AA t-shirts I've received - AA are soft, lovely fit, wash and tumble dry (low) without any shrinkage - I love the ladies ones I ordered, I've had the thumbs up on the mens too.

Now: I know I have to pay 12% duty on importing these, and I know that the company is in financial trouble at the mo.

So is there ANY alternative to AA that comes anywhere close for quality?

Please don't suggest any more £2.00/unit tshirt - I want decent, long-lasting quality (although with Bella it's more like £4/£5 a unit and they're still not up to scratch in my opinion).

There MUST be some good UK/European brands out there that compare, surely?

What do you buy if you want better quality than Hanes/Gildan/etc?

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Hi Microgirl,

Have you tried Fanshirt? I note from a previous thread you were trying to locate quality womens tees? I think they are definitely worth a try....
whats your budget per t-shirt? How many do you require for each order...say you were importing the AA's from the USA?

I've tried nearly all styles and i have certain brands i use, but i prefer tagless t-shirts as i print my own labels into the neck. It really depends on what your looking to do with your tops.

Do you mind a brand label in the neck...or would you prefer tagless tees? I would say if your spending a reasonable amount per t then you are more than likely gearing towards your own brand, and it may be wiser to have taglees t-shirts or even have custom t-shirts made bespoke according to your own requirements, and that way would have the t-shirts manufactured to the the style and quality you desire...

There is a new brand coming out next week called 'SG'...apparently supposed to be on par with some of the best plain garments on the market for style and quality...but we will wait and see!
I've actually decided to go with AA - I've searched high and low and they are the only really decent ones out there.

Hope I've made the right choice :)

I have used AA, Gildan, Hanes etc etc and found it hard to find suppliers of really good quality blanks. The best I found was a small company called SAF which have even better quality than AA, but the price is quite large. Worth a look at though..

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