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whats best way to heat press pro world hot peels

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whats best way to heat press pro world hot peel transfers



speed of peel

peel it up hi or keep it low when peeling

thanks for any help
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Pro World transfer comes from a variety of suppliers, so best to use what ever instructions apply to the specific manufacturer of the transfer you are applying...
thanks mate, do you now who supplies them with there novelty dirty/rude transfers?? i now artbrands do some of there other stuff
We tend to pull backing paper off with a lowish roll type action. Keeps the garment from rising up off the platen.
Seems to work well
thanks mate i think thats were i was going wrong cuz the transfers were coming off a bit
The instructions are shown for each design. Click on 'Help & Info' under the design on our website. Then click on 'Application Instructions'.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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