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Whats a good v-neck shirt thats fitted?

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Kinda like waht urban outfitters sells.. or a good fitted type v necks shirt. Thanks guys!
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Good solid materials on these??
We use canvas and next level for many of our clients who want a nice quality tee shirt, but don't want to spend the price for American Apparel. The color choices isn't as large as American Apparel, but they do have the most popular colors.
I haven't tried Next Level, but I will def. check them out!

Canvas for me is very nice and comfy! It's super soft and I like them a lot!
Yeah definitely check out next level apparel. My female customers especially like them a lot!
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I've never heard anything but great things from my customers who use the AA Tri-Blend V-neck. Its super soft and fitted.
where is the best place to get AA V necks near Jacksonville Fl.. Sanmar or virginiats dont carry them.
American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Canvas, Next level, Gildan's New 64000V, and here's the big surprise....

Mossimo sold in Target. Just might be top 3 as far as colors, fit and retail price are concerned. I'm currently printing on them as we speak with Imageclip Laser Transfers.
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