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Anyway, I've created a funny character that I put on the front of the
t-shirts, which is a dancing banana with some hair. Then it says "The
Banana Revolution" in front and "You Can Eat My Banana" on back. When I
go to this public place I go dancing to is a complete riot...


Once upon a time, in the deep jungle, lived a Lion and a Monkey... One
day the Monkey, tired of the Lion always taking the LION'S SHARE, and
seeing that such injustice represented a danger to all, demanded
JUSTICE... The Lion, yawning and stretching, said, "You would have to
have paws and sharp teeth..." Then the Monkey, who was very clever,
devised a plan: He would go to the costume store, and look like a

When the HUNGRY LION saw him, noticing that the new lion wasn't a match
for him, and fearing COMPETITION, killed him on the spot --before the
indifferent look of the little animals of the jungle... And that's how
the Law of the Jungle was re-established one more time... (NOTE: Other
monkeys survived him...)

And this is what the smart monkey would do, based on this slogan...

"Make love, not war," was not just a protest against the indifference
and lack of humaneness in Vietnam; it was also a positive statement
that love between parent and child, teacher and pupil, fiance and
fiancee, and husband and wife is an activity we should try to pursue in
the house when work is not necessary. It is the one real source of
truth, beauty, and salvation in a community where deceit, corruption,
and impersonality seem to be rampant. -Jerome Kagan

And what better way to make love than to give the banana to the roaring
lion? The monkey knows that the lion is more powerful than him, and
knows he better use his own weapons, so he decides to be funny, that
being his natural gift. The story goes like this: The lion roars:
"Monkey, I'm made to eat monkey meat, so you better come down right
now." And the monkey replies very cool: "Mighty King, that's
doubtful as the Bible says you were vegetarian, so you can eat my
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